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Q.  What is the best way to attach lead core to a monofilament or fireline leader?

A. There are several knots for doing this, however most of them result in such a large knot that it catches on the eyes of your rod and won't go through the level wind on the reel.  These knots effectively limit the length of your attached leader to a maximum of the handle length of your landing net. Secondly, by using a knot, if your bait should become fouled such as the hooks on a crank bait entangled on your leader, before you realize it, your leader line is twisted and so is your leadcore. Twisted lead core is almost impossible to untwist and would have to be cut off where the twist exists sometimes a color or two up your lead core.

The solution to both these problems is to use a barrel swivel to attach the lead core line to your leader. Use a size 10 Power Swivel built by Spro. It has a 35# break strength and is small enough to pass through both the rod guides and level wind of the reel with out catching on either. 

To tie the swivel to the leadcore, strip back the sheathing of the lead core about 3 inches, remove the lead, and tie the leadless sheathing to the barrel swivel. I use an improved clinch knot for this.  Instead of using the traditional 5 twists when building this knot, 2-3 is all that is necessary. I have never had this knot break and it is no larger than the swivel itself. Use what ever knot you are comfortable with in attaching the mono to the swivel. Now you can have a leader length as long as you want and should your lure become fouled you will not twist up your lead core line.


We attended 3 of your seminars at the Denver Show on Sunday the 9th and learned so much. We were unfamiliar with Berkeley Gulp Alive baits and appreciated your introduction. Your many other tips and ideas were also enlightening and we can't wait for the ice to go.

Thanks again for a great learning experience!

Linda and Tom

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